We have been working for the industrial and trade sectors, authorities and private individuals throughout Germany since the founding of our translation agency in 1963. Quality has been our principal aim from the very beginning. We translate into all prevailing languages at reasonable prices. Our staff with many years of experience are available to you for the fulfilment of your requirements and guarantee you a maximum level of reliability in the technical realisation of the translations. This is mainly ensured by the use of native speakers who translate into the respective target language. By way of commitment, flexibility and creativity, we always endeavour to assist our customers in the case of potential problems and to help them to achieve success.

Be one of those who benefit from the competence of our highly-qualified translator team. Try us the next time you need a translation!


We realised right from the start of our translation activity that we can only meet the diverse and constantly changing language and subject requirements of our customers by establishing a tight and quick-functioning organisation. As part of our correctly structured translation agency, we not only have available our own language skills and knowledge, experience and the co-ordination skill of the translation agency's manager but also the wide-ranging knowledge and experience of highly qualified German and foreign translators selected and tested by our in-house expert responsible for translator selection. Our experienced and well-planned team is usually in a position to solve even the most demanding tasks within a reasonable time period. As a professional translation agency we also have available a large library of national and international monolingual and multilingual technical dictionaries and this can only mean great advantages for each customer.

As members of the Translation Agencies Association VÜ (Verband der Übersetzungsbüros e.V.), which has strict admission criteria and only accepts applicants who can prove that they have either passed an academic or state examination and have two years of full-time experience or seven years of full-time experience, we know what the important things are.

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